4 Sisters And A Shine Night Walk

Sisters walk 13.2 miles for cancer research!

This is the story of how 4 sisters (two being pregnant) walked half a marathon in 5 hours through the night. Walking always seemed like something easy to me, it wasn’t until I signed up for the shine night walk that I soon realised that this was not the case…

from left to right: Hannah, Mellissa 6 months pregnant, Rebekah 4 1/2 months pregnant, Me (Jessie)

It was around 7:30pm and we were getting ready to start our walk, we were feeling slightly nervous as we didn’t really know what to expect.  We had done a few training walks but only one late night walk for a couple hours. The buzz was amazing, everyone was all geared up and creating the best atmosphere. We had a 10 minute warm up where some women got us to do some exercises, it was so funny watching hundreds of people attempt these moves. Once we were all armed with our glow sticks and the time hit 8pm it was time to head off aarragggggggg! We had timed all our training walks and thought we would be so quick, but what we had not accounted for was the mass of other people walking with us at all different paces.  This was our first hurdle of the night, I don’t know about you but I absolutely HATE walking in crowds as I don’t like being restricted, and this quickly turns into anxiety for me, so I was ducking and weaving as much as I could to try and stay in control of my emotions.  I didn’t want to back out right at the start of it, BUT it wasn’t long before the crowds hit the street and we had a little more space to play around with.

not even half way!
Tower bridge and not even half way! but still smiling.

Pretty soon the first pregnant sister needed to go to the toilet lol!! So we found a pub as quick as we could.  As we were waiting the rugby had just finished, and we received the news that England had just lost terribly, as you can imagine this did not give us much happiness to complete the walk. As we reached the 4 mile mark we felt like we had been walking for hours, tiredness was starting to kick in real quick. They had set up pitt stops every 5 miles or so where you could go to the toilet and have a drink with a mini snack. Before long tiredness had really kicked in mentally and physically, every part of my body ached from my head to my toes, but we had to keep in the back of our minds what we were doing it for. I couldn’t be prouder of my two sisters for doing it in their conditions. All of a sudden the temperature dropped, adding coldness to our list of feelings. As we were approaching the last three miles we all started going a little crazy! As we were just about ready to cry with how much we wanted to just be at home in the warm, the pain of our joints were slowing us down. As I went along I would read all the peoples backs as they had written on them their stories and who they were running for, this was a motivation builder. WE WERE GETTING CLOSE! we could see people walking around with foil blankets and medals around their necks, and this gave us that extra push to keep going until finally we reached the finish line.  I can’t even begin to explain the feeling that was going through me at that point, as they put the medal around my neck and gave me my high five of congratulations I was just about ready to burst into tears, we had done it, we walked 13.2 miles in 5 hours.


Walk complete it was now time for our journey home. We had planned to get a cab back but that didn’t work out so we managed to find a night bus not our favourite choice but the only one we had. 72 stops or so later the driver tells us we must now jump off as he is terminating at the bus garage, this was not good as at this stage our bodies has cramped up and hips were hurting. So wrapped in our foil blankets in the early hours of the morning we limped home to my sisters house which was 30 minutes away. Jumped in my sisters car and drove home. It took me about 10 minutes just to make it up my stairs to my room where I just fell onto my bed and into a deep sleep till morning. Recovery took a couple days as my joints needed a little TLC. I am so happy that I took part and very grateful for all those that sponsored us raising money for cancer research UK. I would recommend it to everyone as it is an amazing experience to be apart of. My advice will be to train as much as you can before hand so you know what trainers and clothing work and don’t work and don’t try anything new on the day of the walk.

love Jessie Jones xx



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  1. Crissy says

    Wow 13.2 miles!!!!! THAT IS A LONG WALK! I am so proud of you and your sisters for getting through that. What a great experience for all of you to share together though! I did some 5k runs last year for the first time and majority of it I ended up walking cause I was so out of shape. Hahah I should really re-challenge myself soon to another 5k and see if I can run the entire thing! Anyways, I’m happy you go to experience something like this! The overall concept of a night walk sounds interesting and it’s for such a great cause! Amazing!


    1. Jessie Jones says

      Thank you so much for your comment! you must power through, I also ran 13.2 miles for charity a month after this walk, I wont go into loads of detail now as I am currently completing a blog all about it, but what I will say is keep going, If people could have seen me on my first ever run you would have laughed at me and said there is no way you’ll be running a half marathon. but I did so please please keep going, your body will adjust. keep your eyes peeled for my blog post all about it soon. xx

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