Anxiety Vs Goals

Every year people decide that they are going to make changes, turning over new leafs making New Years resaloutions BUT this year I love that people have been creating goals instead. It straight away changes your mindset, I feel anyway, having a goal makes you feel like you are achieving something leaving you feeling good. A resaloution just doesn’t sound the same, the word doesn’t inspire me to do anything it’s just a word that people use year after year.

So I have decided to share with you all a little insight into what my goals are and how I go about achieving them and what hurdles I come up against while doing so.

My goals for this year are

1 set up my blog website (completed in January)

2 Pass driving test (completed in January)

3 Learn guitar (in process)

4 Buy car (completed in February)

5 Book tickets for Australia (completed in February)

6 Complete level 3 in teaching assistant course (In process)

Now each one of these goals have been a stretch for me, a time of stepping out of my comfort zone because when ever I decide I want to do something anxiety decided to tell me all the reasons I shouldn’t do it like ‘you will fail’ ‘you’re not good enough’ ‘you will be rubbish at this’ now before I would listen to all these comments and it would stop me in my tracks which it has for many years, but this year I decided it was time to stand up for myself and achieve what I want to achieve. Now don’t get me wrong this isn’t easy AT all. I’m not saying that I got rid of the anxiety, I WISH! All of the goals that I have already achieved I completed while being anxious but I did it anyway, I thought to myself I can be anxious and achieve nothing or I can be anxious and achieve much!

While making my site I was hearing my mind tell me, nobody will read your blogs, no one cares about you. But I done it anyway, for me, not for anybody else but because I enjoy it, and if people read and enjoy my blogs then that is a bonus. My driving test was a hard one as my anxiety is at its best when I am under pressure or in exam situations, I failed my test twice but after each test I had a cry and then booked another test straight away before anxiety had a chance to say ‘I told you so’ on the third time I didn’t tell any body I was going for my test as I felt under less pressure to go home and tell them if I failed. But this time I passed!!! Yay, I actually told the examiner that I wanted to kiss him lol.

Now I could have given up after the first and deffinitely the second time but I had a vision and was determined. Buying a car was an easy one, just had to search high and low to find the right car for me, and now penny Peugeot is a valued member of my family. (I still hate parking though) I HATE flying, but I now have two brothers that live in Australia with two nephews and a niece and another baby on the way, (they couldn’t have picked a place further away!) so my next goal was to book my tickets to go see them. Buying the tickets was the easy part,(but very expensive) I’ll let you know how I get on with the flying part once I’ve done it in the summer.

Now completing my level 3 in teaching assistant I have put off doing for over 10 years as I convinced myself that I wouldn’t be able to do it because the anxiety would be too much when it came to the test and assessments. I have just started the course and I am still very anxious about it, but at the same time I feel so happy with myself for applying for it. This is the year of overcoming!!!!! Anxiety no longer stops me from achieving what I want to achieve, I just do it scared. 

 Key things to think about when setting goals

1 Make sure they are achievable, don’t set yourself up for a fail.

2 If you suffer from fear/anxiety too then do it scared, but start small.

3 Give yourself a realistic time scale for completing the goal.

4 Be passionate about it something that you have a vision for as this will keep you motivated

5 write down each goal and mark when you achieved it so you can visually see your wins!

Don’t set too many goals and overwhelm yourself.


I don’t talk about my anxiety, not many people know about it, but I wanted to take this chance to inspire you that you can achieve things, and that it doesn’t have to hold you back. Be who you want to be and who you have been created to be, kicked anxieties butt and show it who is boss. Take back control of your life and step out and remember do it scared and you will come out the other end feeling so good about yourself. You are all amazing people.

I know this has been a long one but it is something that weighs heavy on my heart that I wanted  to share with you all. Please let me know what goals you achieve how ever big or small, they are all victories. Just look what I have achieved in the first couple of months I feel SO proud of myself, and you will too.

Love Jessie Jones xxx

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