Autumn is on its way!

I am so excited about Autumns arrival….eeeeeeek, what is not to love, it is a beautiful season full of wonderful colours, beauty in nature and my favourite thing of all is LAYERS I love wearing layers. You get to snuggle up with a hot cup of tea, coffee or hot chocolate and watch movies and read good books. As you can see I am a BIG lover of Autumn and I always will be. It is never to early to start getting ready for Autumn and it turns out that Topshop agrees with me as it already has got so many nice things coming in to store. I have had a little troll through and made my first wish list. Lets take a look and see what I have found…

// Autumn wish list //

Autumn Ribbed side split jumper £36
ITS KNITWEAR TIME!!! This long knitted jumper is the perfect for making you feel nice a cosy, The colour is divine and will go great with all hair colours to. It’s perfect for everyone. I was really happy with the price as well.

Holding power Joni jeans £45 
If you have been following me thus far then you know that I am a big fan of black skinny jeans, they just go with absolutely anything and can be worn for many different occasions. I find that they bring out the colour of the jumper nicely making it more of a feature.

AIMEE pull on boots £69 
I love little boots, they look so cute on, especially with skinny jeans, They can really pull an outfit together and are a great match for the jumper. with just a slight heel these boots can be worn all day for work or school.

Wide brim PU Fedora hat £25 
love hats, I actually like wearing them more in the colder seasons than the hot seasons, I think they look better on outfits for Autumn and Winter. This Fedora suits the look I was going for amazingly. the look wouldn’t be complete without it.

I hope you are as excited about Autumns arrival as much as I am and if you wasn’t I hope that after seeing the delights it brings in this blog that you are now. please leave a comment below of what you love most about the season and if you have any Autumn outfit favourites too, I would love to see them.

lots of love Jessie. x

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