BarryM Gelly Nail Review

‘I cant get over how beautifully it shines…’

BarryM basecoat/topcoat & nail hardener all in one. £2.99
BarryM basecoat/topcoat & nail hardener all in one. £2.99

What BarryM claims: ‘Formulated to meet the needs of busy fingers, this nail paint leaves a high shine glossy finish. Perfect for using with our whole range of nail paints to protect and look after your nails.’

What I Claim: I love the shine that this product leaves, I often just use this basecoat/topcoat on its own when I am having a rest from nail varnish and need a little something to give my nails that healthy glow. and yes it is perfect for all my nail ranges but in this review I use a different top coat as I am using gelly nail paint and like to use the same for the top coat.

BarryM Gelly hi shine nail paint. ACAI SMOOTHIE. £3.99
BarryM Gelly hi shine nail paint. ACAI SMOOTHIE. £3.99

What BarryM claims: ‘Hi shine Gel effect nail paint provides an extra glossy shine.’

What I claim: I can’t get over how beautifully it shines, seriously you could totally get away with not adding on a top coat with this product as it shines all on its own. The colour of this nail paint is absolutely stunning as soon as I applied it to my nails I was hooked. I can see this running out very quickly as it is a nice neutral colour that can be worn with almost everything for any occasion. definitely worth the money I have spent on it. LOVE LOVE LOVE

BarryM Gelly Hi shine
BarryM Gelly Hi shine wide, flat tip brush

I am a big fan of wide, flat tip brushes so you can imagine my excitement when I unscrewed the lid and found this!!! honestly the joy that over came me was all to much haha. I just knew at that moment that me and this product were going to become great friends. The way it glided over my nails allowing me to apply in one brush was magical. My main reasons for loving this type of brush is…

  1. The product lasts longer as you don’t need to apply as much
  2. Less mess as you can be more precise
  3. One stroke and its done!
BarryM Plumpy topcoat Gelly Hi shine nail paint. £2.99
BarryM Plumpy topcoat Gelly Hi shine nail paint. £2.99

What BarryM claims: ‘NEW Plumpy Topcoat gives Gelly Hi Shine nails the plumped up gel finish they deserve. Its plumping properties protect the Nail Paint from wear and chipping while providing a voluminous, convex, clear coat provides a gorgeously smooth shine.

What I claim: Well I have to say it definitely does what they claim, I have had it on for over a week now and my nails still look just as good as the day I painted them, only one nail has started to chip and thats because I picked at it, opsie. I work with children so my nails get a good bashing daily so finding a good quality topcoat that helps my nails last longer is greatly appreciated. I am very happy with my purchase and will definitely be replenishing when I run low.

BarryM wide, flat tip brush
BarryM wide, flat tip brush

Yep thats right this also has the wide, flat tip brush, YIPPIE! I have never had so such fun painting my nails, not one surprise but two! I was done painting my nails so much quicker just because of this little factor. why oh why does all nail paints not have this brush. Well I hope you have enjoyed my review please let me know what you think of these products if you have tried them and also let me know what colours you have loved.

love Jessie xx




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    1. Jessie Jones says

      It really is! Totally agree! Topcoats are a nails best friend! Xx

  1. Jemma says

    This is such a great review 🙂 I’ve loved Barry M for years, especially their Gelly nail polishes – they are so long lasting and shiny!! I really love that colour, it looks gorgeous! x

    p.s. I am addicted to all of your nail posts!!

    Jemma |

    1. Jessie Jones says

      Thank you so much Jemma, so glad you enjoy the posts! Me too, Barry M will always have a place in my heart lol. Xx

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