Christmas Socks In January?

Todays Thought, Right Or Just Totally Wrong?

Ok so I know its not christmas any more and we are now over a week into January but I love my christmas socks they add a dash of colour to my otherwise monochrome life. Upon getting dressed this morning I took way longer than I should have deciding if it was ok to put these on or not, I mean I wouldn’t put a christmas jumper on now as people would think I was strange, So I found myself thinking the same about my socks. Did I over think it or am I totally wrong for wearing them? Would you? Are are you still secretly wearing your christmas socks?

love Jessie Jones xx

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    1. Jessie Jones says

      Haha yay I’m not the only one!thanks! I couldn’t agree more! They are perfect for this chilly weather ☺️ Xx

    1. Jessie Jones says

      So happy I’m not the only one, yes there is so,etching about the happy festive feeling they bring to our lives ☺️ Xx

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