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‘Can it be spring now please…’

BarryM Nail Paint, Peach Melba
BarryM Nail Paint, Peach Melba

This is one of my golden oldies, I think it might even be one of the first Barry M nail paints that I bought. Now I love the winter months and all that it brings but I have got to the point now where I think can it be Spring Time now please?  So I took action and rummaged to the bottom of my nail collection and stumbled across this beautiful peach colour and thought YES that will do perfectly. It’s a fresh looking colour that brightened up my nails and my day. As soon as the colour hit my nails I instantly got very excited at the prospect of spring being so close, the colours the little dresses and cute shoes, the morning sun, oooh take me there now please! This nail paint it just the beginning of something special. Sorry about the paint job it was just one of those days where things weren’t going to plan lol, shortly after the pictures were taken I managed to smudge a finger and dent another, just typical. At least I got the photos taken first though, phew. What do you look forward to the most about spring time? And what are your favourite spring nail colours?

Love Jessie

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  1. Amy says

    I love this colour so much, it’s so pretty!!

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