Marble and Me

‘Marble is so simple yet stylish…’

Who is a fan of marble? I am loving the marble craze season, mainly because it fits in nicely with my monochrome lifestyle perfectly, but also because it just looks sooooo beautiful on everything. I could quite happily live in a world where everything was marble. I am yet to see something in marble and say ‘yuck no that just looks horrid’ I doubt I’ll ever say this lol I am too much of a marble fan. May marble season live on forever! Number one fan over here haha. So if you too love all thing monochrome and marble then here are the two purchases that I love so very much.

WANDERER WANDERER marble skin for iPad mini 2
iphone6: marble skin by WANDERER WANDERER $15.00
iPad mini2: marble skin by WANDERER WANDERER
iPad mini2: marble skin by WANDERER WANDERER $19.90

I was so excited when I found these as I hate putting cases on my apple products as I like the look and feel without one on. (I get told off for this a lot) I have never found stick on skins that I like either because they are always so tricky to put on and always seem to be so sticky and messy. These ones are so easy to apply and also can be taken off just as easy leaving no stickiness on your products. They do prevent scratches on the products but if you were to drop it then the phone, iPad would still feel the fall force of the floor, so don’t drop it!  The look of marble is so simple yet stylish so matches the apple products so well. Not only does it look good but it also feels great too, the qulity all round is amazing. Its easy wipeable so if you get anything on it you can clean it right off with no issues. If you are a lover of marble then I deffinitely recommend them to you they make them for laptops also so go check them out. They have an Instagram page too that you can see more about them on, even if you don’t get anything they are good to follow as their pictures are so pretty. Everything about them is so beautiful from their advertising to the packaging to the product such excellence. They are an American company so don’t expect a super quick delivery, but it’s well worth the wait.

Love Jessie xxx


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