Nail Colour Of The Week #3

BarryM Gelly Nail Paint

1. Apply basecoat & nail hardener (mine is all in one) wait until dry to touch

2. Apply first layer of Gelly nail paint, wait until dry then add another coat.

3. When dry to touch apply the top coat (Gelly top coat is better for finish look)

4. Admire your beautiful nails

Top Tip – complete one hand fully before painting the other hand to avoid any unwanted smudges

BarryM Basecoat & nail hardener all in one £2.99



I am absolutely in love with this beautiful colour they call is ACAI SMOOTHIE and it looks just as yummy on the nails as it does in the bottle, as soon as i saw it on the shelf I just had to have it. my favourite buy this week by far. I have really loved wearing this colour this week as It has gone with everything outfit which it perfect, and I have had LOADS of compliments on it which is always lovely to hear. I am very impressed with this product not just for its colour but its quality also, so have decided to do a review on it for you all which will be posted very soon. I hope you love and appreciate the colour as much as I have. Would love to hear from you if you have a recommended colour that you love also, for me to try.

Love Jessie Jones xx

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    1. Jessie Jones says

      Thank you! So glad you enjoyed! I agree, so perfect for everything. Xxx

  1. Amy says

    I’m loving this series, it’s so simple but great! And that shade is so pretty!

    1. Jessie Jones says

      Thanks, I am in love with this shade, BarryM has always been a favourite of mine. Happy to hear you are enjoying it. Xx

  2. tarnya says

    I haven’t done my nails in SO long because I’m super lazy but this is such a lovely colour. I wear one (when I can be bothered!) really similar to this from Topshop called ‘shrimpy’. I think im going to have to do them now that spring is coming! 🙂 xx

    Tarnya /

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