Hello I’m Jessie

 I have a real passion for sharing life with people, I love sharing what I get up to as well as sharing tips and things I’ve loved about beauty, fashion baking, craft etc. I started off with Instagram, posting about all sorts of fun things but there is only so much detail you can go into. So after a few friends and family members prodding me to start my own blog….HERE I AM!!!! I am so excited and can’t actually believe I have made it happen with the help of a good friend (the brains) at my side.

Ok so here are a few of my favourite things…I love eating, walking, running, singing, The Big Bang Theory, New Girl, a quiet night in watching movies (open to any other suggestions) tea and coffee, my phone (my brother nicknamed me phoneface) hanging out with friends and family, the sunshine but Autumn and Winter are my favourite seasons to dress for, picnics, theme parks, shopping. I am a big fan of monochrome, rose gold/copper things. I have an obsession with buttons and also shoes (what girls aren’t?) I Cant think of anything else to tell you about me, but I’m sure as you read my blog you will learn a whole lot more, hope you enjoy! lots of love Jessie xx

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