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Hey so I have heard a few people talking about this mascara and how they have loved, liked or not got on with it so thought I would give it a trial and let you all know what my take on it was. I try so many different mascaras as I never really find one that I am 100% happy with so please leave a comment below if you have any recommendations that you have loved and I try those out too.

I’ll start off with telling you what the box says should happen and what their surveys have shown them.

Fake it Falsiteye HD! Lash by lash separation, corner to corner volume & length for high Definition impact!
94% saw more definition*
93% saw separated lashes*
92% saw long lasting results*
76% of users said this mascara DOUBLED the volume of there lashes Vs bare lashes

After applying two coats of this mascara:
Does not clump- yes this is true
Is long lasting, smudge proof & does not flake- yes this is true 
Adds volume & length from corner to corner- yes it added length, not a lot of volume
Lifts & curls lashes from Corner to corner- Yes I loved this the most!
Adds thickness to lashes- It add a tiny bit of thickness but I only use one coat.

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What my findings were…

Did I see length?
Well, I used it everyday for the last 2 weeks and I definitely saw LONG eye lashes, and they made them curl also so I didn’t need to use eye lash curlers which was a big plus for me as I’m not a fan of using them.

Separated eye lashes?
 separated lashes I didn’t see myself, I had to run the eyelash comb through them to achieve that look, which isn’t to much hassle but would be nice if I didn’t need to.

 They did definitely stand out more and look more defined, brown/black is a nice natural colour that made them defined but not overdoing it, very good for everyday natural look mascara. I was extremely happy with that results.

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would I buy it again and recommend the mascara?

I have already got really long eyelashes so I usually stay away from any mascara that says length on them as I also wear glasses so this becomes a bit of a problem for me if they are even longer. Falsifeye complimented my eye lashes perfectly so I would recommend it to those that also wear glasses. As you can gather there were some pros and some cons but you get that with any product.
I am not in love with this mascara but would use it again and would recommend it. All in all it is a nice product, and always good to try out new things yourself anyway as I find everybody gets a different finished effect.


Is it worth the price you pay?
I would say yes, it is not the most expensive on the market and for the finished look you get it is nicely priced at £6.99

Thank you for reading, comment down below if there is a product you would like me to review or if you recommend any for me to use that you have loved, I always enjoy trying new things.

If you would like to try it out you can find it in boots just click this link and you will be taken straight there. 

Jessie. x

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