Smoothie Saturday

‘Who doesn’t love a smoothie…’

I am a big fan of smoothies, I mean come on who doesn’t love a smoothie. There is something for everyone and you can be as creative as you want with them, granted I have had some horrible fails but equally I have had some tasty surprises, but you wont know unless you try them out. I’ve left the recipe for this fruit smoothie for you down below have a go and add some extra yumminess to make it your own. I have a naughty treat in mine. I love the colour and the sweet flavour this smoothie has its just delicious. Leaves you feeling full, fresh and healthy.

1 whole banana

3 large strawberries

10 raspberries

a handful of blueberries

3 table spoons of cookie dough ice cream

This makes enough for just one cup, double the ingredients for more.

Just look at that beautiful colour! Yummie!!!
Just look at that beautiful colour! Yummie!!!


I hope you enjoy the smoothie and I hope you have fun with making it your own, please do tell me what you think and what you added, changed or took away when making yours. Happy smoothie making my lovelies. Also leave links below in comments if you have a smoothie recipe.

love Jessie Jones xx


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  1. Claire says

    This smoothie sounds so good!! Will definitely be trying it asap! Just started a bit of a health kick (well trying to) so posts like this definitely give me some ideas.

    Thanks for sharing

    1. Jessie Jones says

      Hey! Thanks for the comment! Ooh nice, let me know what you think of it. Good luck with your new health kick! Lots of yummy things you can do. I’ll be posting more smoothie yummieness soon! Xxx

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