Summer BBQ

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Hello, happy sunny Saturday everyone, I trust you have all been making the most of this beautiful day we have been blessed with here in London town. I have had a lovely day involving a sneaky lay in this morning (we all deserve at least one a week :P) and is it just me or is the bed a lot more inviting in the mornings when you need to get up? when I finally arose I had the challenge of what to wear, every girls nightmare. After many attempts I finally decided on the outfit shown above.

After I finally decided on what to wear I sat down at my desk to do some social media and site work (this is my life at the moment) This did not last long as the sun was shouting at me from out of the window to come and have fun. Now seeing as we have only had about 2 days of sun this summer I thought I should probably listen to him. 

Lucky for me my brother in law was having a family BBQ so I of course decided to gate crash 😀 I do love a BBQ, charcoaled sausages and burgers covered in ketchup and square cheese. Now if you are like me then you would add a little salad to your plate just so that you don’t feel so bad for eating so much rubbish. Then wash it all down with a fizzy drink of your choice.

We all know what happens after we finish all of that…PUDDING! Yes the best part some would say, my sister made the most amazing chocolate brownies and Victoria sponge topped of with whipped cream and strawberries, just beautiful! 

One thing you will quickly learn about me is that I am a BIG lover of food, my stomach seems to always think it is time to eat even if I have only just eaten about 10 minutes ago. Haven’t learnt the art of saying ‘no’ to it yet. I am probably at my happiest when I have got food in front of me (that sounds so sad lol) but alas it is true I love food that much. 

I shall spend the rest of the evening relaxing as all that bbq food has put me into a small food coma, so after this blog is finished an early night for me is definitely needed. 

speak to you all tomorrow, Jessie xx 

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