Wet BBQ on a Summers Sunday

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Just a typical Summer Sunday, who doesn’t like a soggy bbq…

Hey everyone, happy Sunday. I Woke up to the beautiful Sunshine gleaming through my window this morning so was feeling good about the day. I chose an outfit, quite quickly I might add and that suited the weather perfectly so I headed off to church, what could possibly go wrong. WELL by the time I was leaving church it was tipping down with rain and I did not bring a coat with me 🙁 this is not very fair as I had another bbq to go to today, yes another bbq, and why not 😀

However the rain did not stop us, we are in England after all, the weather doesn’t stop us doing anything, most of the time. lucky for us the rain did not last long and the sun was able to push his way out, yippie! I filled up on more yummy burgers and sausages with a little side salad and a few more extras that you will see in the pictures. Great company great food, I give this bbq 10 out of 10 and extra points go to the main man that stood in the rain getting the bbq started while we were all cosy inside eating snacks and drinking tea. 🙂

After finally reaching home (lots of public transport) I snuggled up with another cup of tea and biscuits, we only had rich tea fingers but they done the trick of relaxing me. But they really are’t my favourite for dunking in my tea. After a few minutes of relaxing I had to get straight back to work, had to call in reinforcements (the brains) to come and help me out, I have taken in a lot of information over the last couple weeks I needed a helping hand to get the job done quicker. Bedtime took a long time to arrive but when it did it was greatly received, I snuggled up and off to dreamland I went.

speak to you all soon. Jessie x

p.s sorry for the late blog post, time ran away from me.

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