Topshop inspired back to work wish list #1

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Going back to work in style

Going back to work after having 6 weeks off is never easy, it is a big shock to the system after spending so much time doing anything you want when you want. So I have had to find a way of making it something positive rather than negative. So starting work again now means that I have to go shopping to find new outfits. Yes ladies and  gents another excuse to go SHOPPING! I love going out shopping, but I have to say I love shopping from the comfort of my own home more, as I can drink tea and dunk biscuits while making wish lists and have them all delivered straight to my door. You have got to love the internet. Although I think I end up spending more money because I don’t have to carry loads of bags lol. So here is the first instalment of one of the outfits that I have on my wish list. It is monochrome inspired as I live the monochrome life, with an occasional splash of denim. I do like colour as well but on other people more.

Wish list look #1

wish listTopshop

Colour – block sweater: £39 PETITE/TALL
As we will be going back into the Autumn term but still may experience some slightly warm weather I thought that a nice light weight long sleeve jumper would be perfect for this and can be also warn into the winter season.

Black leigh jeans: £38 PETITE/TALL
I am a big fan of jeans and I especially love black jeans as they go with EVERYTHING! and can be worn both for smart at work and also casual wear at the weekends and evenings, its a win win situation.

Large PU backpack: £34
I am loving backpacks at the moment, not only do they look really cute but they are really comfortable to wear and they spread the weight over both shoulders in stead of putting strain on just the one. practical and stylish.

Vibrant ballet shoes: £16
Every woman should own a pair of these ballet shoes I buy both the pink and black on regular occasions because I wear them so much. they can be worn for smart and casual and are extremely comfortable for wearing all day long.


I hope you have enjoyed checking out my wish list as much as I have making it. This is just the first of many, as like most girls I can find any excuse to go shopping, Have a go at making some yourselves and share them with me, I love being inspired by others.

lots of love Jessie x


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