Topshop wish list #2

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Topshop saves the day

Yesterday you saw my first Topshop wish list for going back to work, well it doesn’t stop there as I am a little shopaholic. If you are reading this blog then you must love to shop to. Well seeing as mother nature has brought forward the colder seasons I have had to really think hard about what will be ok to wear for going back to work. I searched around for ages and in the end Topshop was the saviour, as I have found the perfect outfit for hot/cold weather. lets take a look shall we.

Back to work outfit #2

ootdBoucle Tweed Shell Top: £32
This top is perfect for the warm weather as it doesn’t have any sleeves and also has a low v-neck for extra air conditioning. It is also good for cold weather because if the thick material. I am a big lover of tweed in the autumn and winter seasons.

Holding Power Joni Jeans: £45
Now I know some people question how expensive the Topshop jeans are but I have no problem with spending the money on these as the fit so nicely, go with everything and last for so long. I definitely recommend them. Paired with the grey tweed top it is just a vision of beauty.

Finest Ghillie Lace Up Flats: £28
Lace ups are a big thing at the moment and rightly so, they look amazing and are comfortable to wear. I chose them for this look because they a smart looking and comfortable for working in and they just completed the look I wanted to go for. (just remember to remove the sticker from the bottom)

I had great fun putting this outfit together, I hope it has inspired you that we can still  look and feel great even when you are at work.

lots of Love Jessie x





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